Vertical scroll when viewing PDF in DTTG

Just as the title suggests, I’d like to request and option to scroll the pages vertically when viewing a PDF in DTTG (Similar to what’s possible in most other PDF apps on iOS too).

For me, it makes more sense to scroll down while reading the content of a page and keep scrolling down when I reach the end of the page. I almost always take a second or 2 to realise I’ve reached the end of the page before making the mental switch to swipe left or right to change pages and then move to scrolling up/down to view content.

Never mind, just saw in another post that this is coming in v2.0.5… Yay! :smiley:

Vertical scrolling in version 2.0.5 is AWKWARD! Because of the top bar always showing, PDFs in a4 or letter format don’t show the entire page. You first have to scroll to th the bottom of the page and then you can scroll to the next page. That’s two gestures vs. one with horizontal scrolling. Vertical scrolling should be continuous scrolling… have a look at PDF expert to see how this should work. Now either add an option to use horizontal/vertical scrolling or make vertical scrolling continuous.

Additionally, the top bar should disappear when tapping on the page or when scrolling or turning pages… long overdue…

Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we may consider for the future.

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Glad to find this topic. I came here to find out why the scrolling method had changed with the 2.0.5 update. I strongly disprefer this change. It is awkward for the reasons mentioned above. Please make this an option (continuous vertical scrolling would be OK, too; ideally, though, this would be as configurable as in PDF Expert). Alternatively: make DTTG a document provider that PDF Expert can work with directly.

I agree it’s not yet ideal, but at least in my humble opinion this makes more sense to me than vertical scrolling. At least while testing on an iPhone the only real issue I find is that it’s not continuous and that would be preferable, other than that I can’t really see what you mean by not showing the whole (A4, Letter) page. Works fine for me. Especially in landscape mode, this is great!

Fixed in 2.0.6 by no longer scaling to ‘fit to width’ but ‘fit to either width or height’.

Will it be possible to scroll horizontally, too?

No, we don’t intend to add multiple view modes here to keep the UI as uncluttered as possible.

I have no issues with how vertical scrolling works in version 2.0.5. Full pages are viewable and scrolling between pages us not an issue. Using iPad Pro 9.6" and IOS 9. (Although much prefer horizontal scrolling, which is how I gave PDF Expert set up, but recognize that’s been and gone in DTTG.)

So would appreciate a little clarification on what this update does to the PDF scaling. Is there now an option to choose scale to width or to height, or has the default scaling now been changed universally? And if universal, in what way?

At the moment holding off updating to 2.0.6 because numerous features listed as in this update are already in version 2.0.5 which works perfectly. And so was holding off.

Thanks for explaining this change further.

Because of another issue, Jim recommend I update to 2.0.6, and I did. See clearly now the difference in default scaling. And, as always, with each iteration of DTTG, a clear improvement.

Pages that I was not recognizing as not being able to view fully, as the layout had masked the area not shown, now present as complete pages.

Thank you for the regular updates and constant improvement to this now indispensable app.

Thanks for the kind words. We are hard at work on making things better in all our apps. :smiley: