very basic Facebook plugin

I’m attempting to start to learn how to write Da plugins and after the acronym tutorial I attempted what I thought would be another ‘easy’ first example- the social networking site facebook.

I’m using the plist editor, but I’m guessing due to the login/password this isn’t the way to go? In Da, I get 0 returns, but my log shows a # of appropriate links in the Error column, but when opening prompts the login.

Again, sorry for the ignorance but any suggestions or pointers to similar plug-ins as examples of general password handling would be greatly appreciated-

thanks in advance-


You may need to login using DA first before using your plugin. Also check if the site allows you to set a cookie for your login. That should help.

Due to a bug cookies are currently not used but the next release will fix this.

good to know I’m not going insane then testing :slight_smile:

keep up the great work in development! Your tools have become invaluable in the research laboratory that I work.


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