I have an extremely large CSV with 550K rows. When I import it into Devonthink Pro Office it comes in as a sheet like I want it to, but I can only see part of the file. The entire file is being stored in DevonThink.

I am on a iMac with 32GB ram so the import into Excel is very very fast (on a Windows computer with only 4GB ram the computer freezes up). This contains property assessment information for the city of Philadelphia and some additional material that I added.

What is the best way to deal with this type of file in DevonThink? It is more useful to me as a sheet, but should it be Excel instead?

What part do you see? An Excel file “should” be able to handle twice the number of rows you mentioned (see Microsoft’s specs here) – but Excel and DEVONthink will eventually run into memory constraints.

Is there a way to divide your sheet into chunks and still have those chunks be useful to you?