Very Large DT3 Application support files in Library

Do a File > Verify & Repair on the database.
Also you should hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.

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Verify & repair found no issues with the database; bug report is on the way. Ive disabled all sync for now, tho i didn’t do any delete or clean. Off to read up on tags

Also, sync is not a backup. Don’t you have current local backups of the database?

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Yes, but from after the large sync kerfuffle a week back- it would need some work. The data itself is backed up, tho the data archive structure differs, and there is a time machine disk copy, tho i don’t know how clean of an image that can pull from an active DT database. If the best option is cut my losses, i can scrap the current database and rebuild.

I feel that i keep digging my own holes in this; I had months of reliable service until i started to kark around with tags again. I’ve found posts elsewhere that clarified some key points about what gets deleted when you delete tags, but the devil is in the details- i dont klnow what I’m doing that throws files into inboxes, including the inboxes of alternate databases.

. My intent is to isolate & restore the database structures on the Mac (the ipad has only locally downloaded data from the mac), do what’s needed to recover the library sync data, and then get sync going to my ipad again.

And to never ever touch a tag again, until i read up a lot more…

From your description, I would personally be looking at restoring my database of rebuilding it if the resources were still at hand.

Tagging shouldn’t be cause for concern and it shouldn’t move files around willy-nilly.

Are you using any smart rules that would move items On Tagging?

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No; my primary use has been as a big well indexed pdf archive so far; i’ve done all the file moving / organizing manually.

Where are the external PDFs located?

Before i recommitted to DT3, I had a huge pdf archive divided into 5 folder directories- a copy of that is on in iCloud, another on an external drive. They are out of sync and out of date, as DT3 was just so cool at handling doc processing, but the delta docs were set aside, and will have to be sorted down. Meantime, the search still works well, and i can get by.

The part about tagging not moving files around is a concern, tho- the initial failure after I tried paring down tags scattered 10 gigs of files seemingly randomly across multiple database inboxes and trash groups, plus a bunch just showed up in system trash without me emptying GT3 trash. The databases all verify and repair fine currently, but could there be an underlying issue?

Yes that all sounds unusual at a glance.

In File > Database Properties for the database, have you disabled Exclude groups from tagging?

Ah, no. It is still checked, as it appears on them all as default. Mind, I have a great many tags that mimic group names across most of the databases, auto generated somewhere along the line.

So, pulled data together and regenerated the faulty database, while opening the alt databases one by one and trimming out their duplicates. I ran the clean operation on the iCloud sync (both CloudKit & Legacy) and suddenly 300 gigs reappeared on the Mac. iCloud space is still limited by something, but my storage analysis tools have a harder time evaluating that, I pulled DTTG from the iPad and reloaded it, but haven’t set sync up again.

My last trick in DT3 will be to close all databases and then see if i can pull out any remaining docs out of the tags, to squirrel such away as a just in case buffer. Given what has been reported back to me, it seems that it was some buggy hiccup of the beta CloudKit sync combined with my tagging malfeasance. Like i said, all was well til i started fussing with it, forgetful of all the sound advice i got before…

This is still one of my key apps that I value most highly. Thank again for such a powerful, useful and well supported app.

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  1. Make sure no other devices are sycning DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go to the Legacy location.
  2. Clean the Legacy sync location on one device with an active Legacy location. Mac is easeist.
  3. Then Delete All Files in Apple ID > iCloud Storage > Manage > DEVONthink To Go. This won’t clean up immediately but should eventually.
  4. iCloud should clean up after itself in the Mobile Documents directory. This won’t happen immediately either, so check after some time.
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Um, apologies- I could not figure out how to get to that file path. Apple support was… decidedly less than helpful.

Which file path and no worries! :slight_smile:

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Oh- sorry, I misunderstood initially; your description was spot on. Heh.

The sad thing is I worked for Apple Support once.

Ah well, It’s definitely looking like me karking with my tags that caused the files to scatter hither n yon, which is a comfort knowing. Thank you again.

Err, slight snag on my grand recovery plan. 2nd of 10 databases in, the app keeps crashing out while doing a rebuild., The database passes verify & repair; I’m opening one database at a time, and yes, i jolly well backed em all up before starting this operation.

Is this another regenerate from original data? Applying the 11.5.2 update and rebooting before taking a crack at database 3…

I don’t see any more information on your support ticket. Let’s corral the conversation there now.

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