very large numbers

hello, this is just a very small request:

when displaying large numbers (such as the number of different word forms or word occurrences in a database), large numbers should be a little more readable.

So instead of

one should read:

That’s all I wish for the moment as I’m really enthousiastic about DevonThink 1.9. Thank you very much for this new version!

It’s great that there’s such an international usership. If this were to do be done, I’d recommend that preferences for multiple number display settings be possible: i.e.,

7,351,642.00 (US)
7.351.642,00 (I think this is used in some places)

Yes, it is. Hundreds of millions of people in places like Europe use this, may be they are surprised to see that some people use a different writing… :smiling_imp:

Don’t take this remark the wrong way, I remember that I once had to convince a Canadian that the numbers in his article, which should be published in Germany were correct, he just could not believe it. And I could not believe that there were other ways to write numbers.:blush:


Thanks for the suggestion, a future release will probably “localize” numbers (but that improvement has currently a low priority - there’s more important stuff in the pipeline :slight_smile:)