Very slow PDFs in 1.9.3+Tiger (10.4)

I’m sorry to report that the combination of DT PE 1.9.3 and MacOS X Tiger (10.4) has rendered DevonThink so highly crippled that I can’t really use it anymore. The problem is simple: PDF’s are drawn ridiculously slow. I never had any problems before. My machine is fast: 15" Alu 1.5 GHz with 1.25 GB ram.

I’d love to be able to use DT again, but for now it is pretty much useless :frowning:

I will reply to myself:

Solution is to quit and restart DT. You probably never do this since you always want to have DT running so that you can continue to add things to it all the time.

Still, that’s odd. Why was it freaking out???

Must say that I really love the new feature in the “Print>save as pdf” where you can immediately import it into DT.

Ditto on the coolness of this new feature. I just tried it. DT just keeps getting more and more impressive!