Very very low success rate with the Download script

Being a pro feature the Download script is kind of disappointing. I’ve tested with around 20 sites and/or pages, many of the blogs and portfolio sites that are almost only images.

If I view the source in Safari the markup seems pretty straight forward

with or … It is not blob content. Still I get no linked images in this document, even of the captures HTML or Bookmark when viewed in DEVONthink renders a page full of images.

I don’t get it. Is it a problem or limitation with the DEVONthink web render? It seems to also have issues display the page correctly, I have refresh a few times before it renders the page that matches the URL.

Am I the only one with bad luck using this script? I only have javascript enabled, no Java or Plugins in Preferences > Web.
Is it misconfiguration on my part with the Download Manager?

Really confused.

A URL or test page would be helpful.