video format flv not run

Tesing Devonthink Pro Office 2
Have some videos like:

xxx.mp4 > Type: QuickTime
yyy.flv > Type: QuickTime
zzz.wmv > Type: wmv

mp4 runs in DTPO_2
flv don’t run in DTPO_2
wmv run in DTPO_2

I don’t know the differnece between mp4 und flv and QuickTime.
I can open the flv with external VLC.
I heard from other developer that it’s sholuld not problem that DTPO_2 can open flv.
The app sholuld have a look in file and not look only to file attributes.


You have to install a third-party QuickTime plugin like Perian to play .flv movies.

Thanks, it works well :smiley: