Videos from website blocked

This is the screen I see when trying to watch any website video. I’ve checked my own firewall/pi-hole but seems problem is at Devon side (or DNS).


Thanks for the report!

I’m seeing an issue too, @eboehnisch but just the media not displaying in Safari.

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Thank you for the report. This might be caused by stricter security policies that we set for our server after some attacks from self-acclaimed “white-hat hackers”. We’ll have a look after the weekend.

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The only really secure computer is the one that is switched off, enclosed in a normal safe inside a lead safe inside a Faraday Safe, then smashed into pieces not bigger than 1 mm square.



I couldn’t agree more. For example, today we’ve been attacked by “newsletter subscription spammers” hammering our server with tens of requests per minute and causing our AbuseIPDB subscription to reach its threshhold. Good that we have, like anyone else, a double-opt-in procedure in place here.


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Despicable creampuffs :rage:

Digging deeper I found all of them coming from an IP address on the Crimean. Hard-blocked until they choose a new IP address for their “service”.

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What an utterly frustrating waste of time. Thank you for keeping the website - and by extension our user data - safe.

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