View and edit multiple selections

An improvement that will make DT a more useful tool for outlining would be the ability to view, and edit, multiple text documents (without merging them). Scrivener has a nice feature (Edit Scrivenings) that does exactly that. If that feature is difficult to implement as in Scrivener, perhaps it would be possible to merge the documents as a “replicant”, such as that changes in the merged document would apply to the individual files.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll definitely consider this for a future release.

Something like edit scrivenings to edit multiple documents without merging them would be extremely useful for complex documents such as grant applications or technical reports. I wonder if this could be implemented before the next update or is it too difficult?

Here’s another vote for implementing a “Scrivenings” type view in DT. It would be very useful!

I second that as well.

A long time has passed since this original 2007 post request. Do we have any update from the staff about the so-called Scrivenings feature? Thanks.

I too am very eager to see this feature implemented: the ability to view and edit multiple documents at once in the view/edit pane, like Scrivener’s “Scrivenings” mode, as described above. The feature is also mentioned in several other threads.

The ability to view and edit multiple text files in one window/pane (like Scrivener’s “scrivenings”) is still my most eagerly awaited feature in DEVONthink. I came back to the forums to check what progress had been made, and I noticed that this feature was also recently requested in another topic. The feature is also requested in a couple of other topics here and here. Someday…