View in grid mode

I might be missing something, but I can’t seem to get Devonthink To Go to show my documents in grid mode (e.g. like the iOS Files app can).


Press on the number to the right of a group name (it shows the number of items in that group). Pressing there will display the contents of that group as a grid.

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Thanks Korm - just tried that. It does indeed show some kind of grid mode, though a pretty ugly one! It seems to show square close-ups of the document covers.

I want it to just show the full covers, like the iOS files app (or pretty much any other app that shows thumbnails of the items). Perhaps thumbnail mode would be a better name than grid mode.

Aesthetics are a personal thing. I think it looks great. :smiley:

No offence Bluefrog! I would venture to say that you are biased, being part of the team. I am just a customer.

Just that in most apps which allow a thumbnail mode, you see the whole thumbnail. For example, in OSX finder when viewing in “icon” mode you see a thumbnail of the whole image, without any distortion and without any overlying text. Same in Photos, or on Files on iOS. Just looks cleaner and less cluttered. Perhaps something like this could be an option.

Actually, I am looking at it from my personal aesthetic preferences. We have considered the thumbnails but they are more useless on many documents, especially on smaller form factor devices like the iPhone 6 and below.

PS: There’s no thing as “just a customer”. Whether you get the things you want or not, your opinion is still valid and we listen to it.
PPS: I work here and none of us get everything WE want either. These decisions aren’t made for one person, or even just us. :smiley:

The thumbnails of e.g. PDFs should actually be scaled and clipped so that they fit the square (like some other apps do too) but shouldn’t be distorted. Could you email us a screenshot to support(at), please?

Well, of course DEVONthink to Go works with Files so you can use that for its grid view of DEVONthink groups, or open Files in slide-over or side-by side mode next to DEVONthink to Go.

Actually in my Files app there are no icon previews of the files, just generic low-res icons (e.g., the acrobat pdf symbol for all PDFs) making the grid-view useless. Am I the only one? I’d very much like icon previews…

Well, perhaps distorted wasn’t the word. Clipped and shown as a square and with overlying text. Makes the original image pretty much un-recogniseable.

In terms of screen size, I don’t see that as much of an argument. Many other apps allow thumbnails on small screen. You’re mentioning an iPhone 6 - I wouldn’t design for old technology. Be forward thinking!

I don’t want to have to use 2 apps - Devonthink To Go for the features, and Files for the nice user interface with thumbnails. Paid cash for the desktop and iOS apps so just want to use those!

Yes I also had problems with the iOS files app showing thumbnails. It would often stop generating thumbnails half way through a folder. Sometimes restarting it did the trick.

Tell that to our Users who have iPhone 6’s. :confused:

I would also love to see the full thumbnail in grid view and not only a cropped version. It would really help me to get an impression of the document, even on my iPhone 6! My suggestion: add an option that allows the users to decide the type of preview…

Thanks for the suggestion. Note that adding preferences is not often the best option, especially in iOS with limited screen space and different User experience expectations.