View just 'highlighted' pages from selection?

Hi all, I’m new to DEVONthink, but it looks like it will really help me organise a lot of my research/studies so I can find things at last!

I’d really like to be able to select a set of tags (and so select a set of documents) that I’m looking for and then choose to view just the pages within those documents that I’ve added highlights to.

Is it possible to do something like that, or would I need to still scroll through each document till I found the pages I’d highlighted?

This script is a work around for not being able to tag individual pages in a pdf. It would also work just for showing the highlighted pages in tagged documents. It is my preferred method of annotation. It may help you.

[url]Whole page pdf annotating]

Try it out first because it requires a good understanding of how tags work and how tags can be used to make url links to a group of annotations.