View PDFs as icons in RTF document

Hi All,

I’m a noobie to DEVONthink (using DTPO), and liking it very much so far!

I’ve searched the forums as best I can to figure out how to add PDF files to an RTF document and keep them in icon (or very small) form.

Note: I have assured that “Display PDF attachments of Rich Texts” is unchecked.

I want to be able to drag-and-drop a PDF document into a RTF file, like a numbered list, and have it be as small as possible (like an icon, or even a link) so that I can expand it only as necessary.

Apologies if I’ve missed the obvious, or if there’s simply a better way of approaching this problem in DTPO.


Welcome, XenonSky!

I can replicate this issue on 10.10.3. Please start a Support Ticket so we can record this in Development. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll start a support ticket as you suggest.

Otherwise, very happy with your product! :smiley:

Thanks for the bug report, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Thanks, XenonSky! We’re pretty happy too. :smiley: