view/show file extensions

How can I view file extensions in Devonthink Pro?

I am working with html and css and javascript files and I want to be able to view the file extensions.

Preferences > Import > Titles for files you’re importing.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Is there a way to work with html/css/js files in DTPro?

When I open an .html from within DTPro in my default browser it is not displaying the css (b/c it can’t find the right path?) even though the same html file displays the css and js properly when opened from the Mac os finder.

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The paths only work in DEVONthink since the groups don’t actually exist in the filesystem. If you are working with and displaying the HTML files in DEVONthink (as I do with long-form Markdown every day), things will display as expected.

Preferences > Import > Titles isn’t there any more: Could you give an update on how to keep extensions when importing?


Should be Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Show filename extensions

Thank you! I missed that tab…