View tags in smart search with Show Only Documents enabled

Is there a way to view search results for kind = tag when Show Only Documents in enabled under View?

What I mean is this:

When I do a smart search for all documents for which ‘kind is tag’ without Show Only Documents selected, I see all of my tags in the search results

However, when I select Show Only Documents and run the same search, I see no tags anywhere (no results are returned).

I would like to do a search where I can see the tags in the left column with Show Only Documents enabled, like this:

(The screenshot above was generated artificially by putting both tags under another common tag ‘TagNew’ and searching for items with ‘Tag is TagNew’. However, this isn’t a solution because I don’t want all of my documents to have to inherit a tag like TagNew, and I would like new tags to automatically be added to my main list of tags - I don’t want to have to manually move each new tag under TagNew.)

Is there any search that will give me this behavior or allow me to see ‘kind is tag’ items when Show Only Documents is enabled?

Thanks in advance.

I was able to do this by searching only in the Tags group rather than the database, and then searching for attributes of the name of the tags.

Glad you figured something out :slight_smile: