Viewing all documents in database, chronologically?


I have someone asking me for all notes I’ve taken of a certain type for the past 3 weeks. I could have stashed those documents in any number of folders (hey, I organized them!).

I’m trying to find out if there’s an easy way to view all the documents in the database, in one flat list, so I can sort by date. This would be akin to the “library” selection in the list in StickyBrain or Yojimbo. Clicking through the various view options, I can’t find one that will let me do this cleanly.

Is this possible? If not, my request would be to have a “library” item which could behave in this manner.

Digging around, it does look like I can use the “History” tool to get to what I want, but a nice group would also be, ummm… suh-weet to break out a little Californian language :slight_smile:

At the moment there’s only the history available but no such group.

Okay… feature request for 2.0 then :smiley:

This would be a good example of a Smart Group and these are scheduled for addition in some future release.