Viewing all your reminders in one place

And here it is:

The only ideas coming to my mind is that either the item (or one of its enclosing groups) is excluded from searching. Or that there’s an issue with the database. In this case a zipped copy would be great (depending on the size and the contents of course) to check this.

The database is over 16Gb in size - far too unwieldy to transport. Besides, it contains personally identifiable information, so I’m unable to share it.

The reminder isn’t show-stopping. It’ll just remain an annoyance and a point of frustration not knowing what is causing this.

You could also try to rebuild the database (ideally after backing it up first), maybe this will fix the issue.

I’m probably missing the point but it seems a convoluted way of viewing all your reminders in one place. What I would (and do) do is flag the entry. Create smart group to search for flagged entries. Name the smart group 0 - reminder so that it is at the top of the list of folders in the navigation bar. (If you have other folders you want at the top then you could prefix with 00 or 00.1 or such like. ) When you have finished working in the entry, simple remove the flag. When adding an entry you could either tag it manually on entry or after you have finished working on it so that you can find it again, simply by creating a smart group for that tag.