Viewing and converting markdown

Hi all,

I am currently viewing markdown by clicking best alternative for each file, but how do I make this automatic? Also, is there a way to use an application to preview the markdown files, or at least use quick look to properly display? Currently, the formatting is different from when I use quick look on the file outside of devonthink.

Also, I find it kind of odd that in the context menu for convert, the options are only text/note/html. Why can’t we convert to pdf or markdown? Even the devonthink clipper and sorter allows saving in more formats. This is already part of the application and surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to add these menus in?


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Manual page 107
Markdown Variations

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Thanks korm, I am not sure why the recommendation for marked2app? I have that but have been unable to do quick look with it… Devonthink also does not render markdown similar to quicklook when run through finder as you can see in this screenshot.

Also, I haven’t been able to find anything on converting to markdown from context menu within devonthink… maybe I am blind

You should be able to drag a file from DEVONthink to the Marked2 icon in the Dock, and it will be opened there for preview. I recommend Marked2 because it offers a wide range of options (including customizable CSS) for viewing markdown and converting the document into other formats.

At least, this is what I do over here.

This is sort of apples and oranges. In the Clipper and Sorter you are either (a) creating new text, or (b) copying text from a site or other document and adding that text to DEVONthink.

The “Convert” actions in DEVONthink’s menus is changing one file to another file. Different thing. It’s no simple matter to convert PDF, HTML, RTF, etc., (anything that’s not plain text) to markdown because you would have to expect the software to make decisions about styles, fonts, formats, etc. That’s a different action than dragging text from one of those files to the Clipper or Sorter.