Viewing contents of groups or inbox (without any search terms)

This continues to baffle me. examples:

  • I add items via finder inbox or via browser clipper to a group or just to global inbox (which Im also not quite sure how it works yet) but when I click to look at the items Ive added - either to move them to relevant groups from the inbox or just to view them in the group, I see nothing.
  • I just want to browse a group of items, say by date added, or whatever. I see nothing.

What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should be doing?

Because you have an active search and the items that are in those groups aren’t matches of that search.

Clean your search field:


aah! Ill try that… - yes, it works. I did not realise that ‘scope:selection’ was still searching, allbeit for nothing. I thought that was clearing the search. But, it wasnt. clicking the cross clears the field totally and items appear. (I feel dumb). Thanks so much.

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btw this forum is so helpful. Really a great resource, thanks so much.