Viewing documents that are at a group top level

Greetings. One thing I find confusing about DT (Pro 2.0.6) is how it displays groups vs. documents.

I’ll walk you through a scenario:

  1. Here is my database with a Group called LearningRegistry. You can see that the Group contains 3 documents plus other items (111 in all).
    MainDatabase with Group LearningRegistry with 3 Documents.png

  2. To focus my attention, I like to open just that Group in one window so I can focus on one thing at a time (novel, I know). So that looks like this and so far so good. I can see my 3 documents and all of the subGroups I have created underneath (I’m a grouper, not a tagger).
    Window with Group LearningRegistry Only.png

  3. However, once I select a subGroup to see its contents, I no longer have any way to view the documents that are at the top level (e.g., LearningRegistry).

SubGroupView Renders 3 Documents Unretrievable.png

In general this behavior makes me overlook files. I guess what I would want is a way to show the 3 documents that are at the top level group inline with the display of the 21 subGroups in my window. I’m too bound to the folder-list view in MacOS I suppose.

Any suggestions for how to keep track of documents at the top-level of Groups which have subGroups would be appreciated. :smiley:


I believe that if you try the “As Split” view with the “Widescreen” option you might get what you want.

Here’s 3-Pane view (same view as in your narrative) with a group hoisted, which has 3 documents and 3 subgroups. Each of the subgroups has a document in it, but you can’t see that in this view.

And here’s the same hoisted group, but all I did was switch to As-Split view. All is revealed.

BINGO! :slight_smile:

Switching to the List view has the same effect–i.e., it shows the documents.