Viewing folder results first from search window

Apple’s Sierra preferences allows for folders to be revealed first in a Finder search. In Devon think I often search for folders ( because my total data is huge) and the search function reveals all results from a search. In order to see the folders from those results I toggle the “kind” column in the results list. Is there any way to get get folder results first in the search function as a preference without either having to toggle the “kind” or use the Advanced Search set operators?

Sorry, no this isn’t possible.

You could of course use the “Advanced…” setting “Kind is group” and view only results for groups. Then double-click the result you’re interested in and have DEVONthink open a window where you can view that group’s details.

(Tags, smart groups, and email threads are also groups)

Cool, thanks for the prompt reply. And thanks for the speedy to the development team for updates on the pdf and mail issues since Sierra was released.