Visioneer Patriot 780 Scanner in DTP02

Hi. I am a longtime user of DTP, and really love the program. With the release of 2, I thought I’d consider upgrading to Office, but it seems to me that this will not be a viable option because of scanner problems – I have a beautiful Visioneer Patriot 780 scanner, but there are no freely available Mac drivers for it – I use it by running Windows XP in VMWare Fusion, and it works fine. But DT can’t see this scanner in Snow Leopard. The irony to me is that ExactScan DOES sell a driver to run a Patriot 780 in the Mac OS, so I was thinking that maybe DT would include a twain driver that would work. Evidently not. And I found a thread discussing scanners for which Apple supposedly provides a driver in Snow Leopard, and no Visioneer scanners are on the list. So I assume that the only option for me is to buy the ExactScan driver at the hefty price of 89 Euros (though, granted with Greece in the mix, the price drops daily!), if I want to scan with my Patriot into DTPO2. Is this true, that there’s no way to use DT with my scanner without getting a driver from somewhere else? Thanks!

One option would be to continue scanning using the Windows XP driver, saving the PDF output to disk. Then use File > Import > Images (with OCR) to capture searchable PDFs into your DT Pro Office database.