Visual Artifacts in the WYSIWYG source of Markdown

Anyone else seeing an issue with H1 headings clipping paragraph text in the source of a Markdown file while in WYSIWYG mode?

Here’s an example I can’t reproduce and have no other reports of it but am wondering if anyone else may have seen it…

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I have noticed this occasionally for the past few months. I don’t see it on every file, and in some files it has resolved itself.

I just created a new file to try to reproduce it. It didn’t clip when typing the text, but after navigating to a different file and returning, this is what I see:

Clicking in the file resolves it until reopening the file.

If I add subsequent lines afterward, when I reopen the file, the glitch is visible for less than a second, but then resolves itself automatically.

Can you post a screen capture of Preferences > Editing and Files > Markdown?

Here are the screenshots. Glad I can help.

Do you see the same behavior if you use a monospaced font, e.g. Menlo, for plain text?

Here it is with Menlo. It still has clipped text as described before:

As before, clicking so the cursor is in the file resolves it until reopening the file in the editor.

I also noticed that it only affects the last paragraph of the file after if it occurs immediately following the last heading. It doesn’t seem to affect previous paragraphs following headings:

If there is more than one paragraph after the last heading, the first line of the paragraph immediately following the last heading is clipped for less than a second when selecting the file, and then it displays as expected without any further interaction

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Thanks for the help.
If I can impose on you a bit further, pleaes hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. And please attach your test file too.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

While changing fonts while just now, I also noticed that the WYSIWIG preview in the editor stops working after changing the font until I reopen the file in the editor (note that the text also is not clipped immediately after changing the font).

Also, with at least one font (Libertinus Mono), the WYSIWIG preview doesn’t seem to work at all.

I just submitted the requested bug report. Glad to help!

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I think that’s expected right now but I’ll take a look at your ticket.

I’d like to thank BLUEFROG as well as somelinguist. This is what I like about this forum: It is not about fingerpointing, it is about finding a solution. I love it.


I am the one with the original bug report. That is rare, but it can happen not only with headlines but also with bold text.

Which font do you use for plain texts (see Preferences > Editing)?

I have tested with various fonts. The example is SF Pro Text. I have tested also with Helvetica, Avenir Next, iA Writer-font and others. I also made a validate check with “Schriftsammlung”.
To construct the example, I needed the blank line and a new paragraph begins after “kasd”.

somelinguist made a precise description of the behaviour. Thank you for investigating.

The next release will fix this display glitch on Monterey.


Sorry: I wanted to write “Fingerpointing”

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