Vuescan scanner for direct scans in DTPO

I am in the final stages of evaluating Devonthink ProOffice as part of my workflow and have just started looking at the scanning functionality. I am using a USB Kodak i40 duplex scanner with VueScan software driver.

I want to scan directly into DTPO, but the VueScan\Kodak scanner doesn’t show up as an option when I File>Import>from scanner or camera. I have an HP all-in-one on my network that does show up as the only option but I need to use the local USB scanner instead.

Is direct scanning into DTPO supported with VueScan? If not, I may back off to DevonThink Pro when I purchase.


I’m not familiar with your scanner, but DTPO is compatible with scanners that are compatible with image capture. Apple has a list of scanners that are compatible, I didn’t see your scanner, but I wasn’t looking all that close. Give it a close look if I were you.

I haven’t used VueScan in so many years that I have no idea what the current version is like. If it is capable of controlling the scanner to send scanner output to another application (like, for example, Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Manager controller of ScanSnap scanners), it could be set to send output to DEVONthink Pro Office.

If not, it should be able to control the scanner and send scanner output files to a designated folder. It that case, you could either use the DTPO command File > Import > Images (with OCR) to import the contents of that folder and convert them to searchable PDF, or attach a Folder Action script to the destination folder, so that files sent to it will be automatically imported to DTPO and OCRed.

Thank you for the replies! It sounds like I will have to scan and import manually for now if I want to use the Kodak scanner. I will probably go ahead with DTPO vs Pro and put a Snapscan on my $400 list.

I use Vuescan almost every day, with a variety of scanners. In the “Output” tab I just set the default folder to DT’s (main) inbox.


Thanks Mike.

The combination of DEVONthink Pro and a ScanSnap IX500 is perfect - the speed and the features of this scanner are simply great. I am using this setup since 4 month and I am very satisfied.