Wall St. Journal

Last week’s Wall Street Journal did a story on search engines, mentioning that Google and others were going to provide, among other advances, “mashed” offerings – video and print in one. These new engines were: searchmash.com (google); alltheweb.com; askx.com; search.wikia.com. Will DA be taking these new efforts into account, adding them to “internet fastsearch”; will your algorithms work with new engines if I “plug them in” to custom searches?


I’ve tried searchmash.com but I couldn’t spot anything interesting/special.

Yes, I see. And the other search engines, you’ve tried those, too? Just as uninteresting? And, therefore, the logic is that what does not work for one person presumably does not work for all persons/users? Are we talking shoes sizes (one size fits all; if you were standing in my shoes…) or are we thinking product capabilities, DA’s flexibility, capacities? Which is the actual point of my question, no?


Hi, lshear. All I can say is that this promises to be an interesting year. :slight_smile:

Yes,I remember I was a bit of a grouch on January 24. But, you know, I can’t remember why! Sorry for that one. My apologies to Christian. :blush: