Want to make a plugin to check my Japanese using Google

So, I use Google a lot to check my grammar in Japanese. If I search something and there are no hits, I know I have the grammar wrong.

So I need to make a plugin that does the following:

Searches only Japanese pages
Does exact searches using the “a term with multiple words” quotation operators

If I do a search using Google’s advanced search using 環境で, then I get the following:


I need the 環境 and the で to stay together. In a normal search they could be anywhere on the page so it wouldn’t be valuable.

So, I have been looking though the forums, but I can’t seem to make this search work in DEVONagent. Can someone tell me how this would look in the .plist file?


Simple XML plugins can’t modify/convert operators or terms. However, you might try “~環境-で” (without quotes). Does this work?