Wanted Features for the Final Release of Devonthink3

  1. Favorites with possible structure of folders
  2. Hidden right Sidebare stays hidden after a search is done (Bug? that it is open after a search, when it before was permanently hidden
  3. Dopple click on sorter in the menubar opens Devonthink
  4. New Window can be opend as a new tab instead, permanently.

More ideas to come

If this is some kind of a feature request post for DT3, than I’ll add my thoughts as well…

  • I really would appreciate a possibility to arrange all separate windows on my own and maybe even take separate windows out of the program-framing and let the windows float. That is a really nice feature at Adobe products, I do not want to miss and gives me the opportunity to arrange every frame as it fits my monitor arrangments.

  • This leads to a windows-profiling setup. Would be awesome if I can set up two profiles (one for single-monitor setup and one for dual-monitor-setup.)

  • Possiblity to rearrange the sequence of the left sidebar with Favorites, Global Inbox, Databases, etc as I wish. I do not use favorites that much, so I really would like to hide that and put it further down, keeping smart groups further up for example.

  • Advanced Reminder function or advanced script to put it into omnifocus or calender with a specific date and time for reminder.

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Happy to join in as well. Still hoping for automated input of highlighted text along with author, etc from Bookends.



  1. You can already open documents in document windows.
  2. Interesting. Development would have to assess the feasibility of this. Multi-monitor setups aren’t as easy to code for.
  3. The order of items in the Navigate sidebar is very unlikely to be user-definable. However, all sections can be shown or hidden.
  4. This is already feasible with the Execute External Script alarm. However, why would you want a Reminder to add something to Omnifocus, etc.?
  1. This is being considered.
  2. The Search inspector opens when a search is activated. I’m assuming you mean you’d like it to hide again, when a search is cleared?
  3. I’m curious why this would be useful to you.
  4. The request is noted, with no promises, of course.

This would depend on Bookends’ AppleScript capabilities. I don’t know if it returns anything like highlighted text via scripting.

I’m told it’s possible. I lack the script-writing skills. As to why, I’m happy to offer an explanation. First of all, I follow Dr. Taekman’s blog. He Is a power user and blogs for the academic on effective ways to work. DevonThink already imports bibliographic information and abstract from Bookends. For proposal, presentation and manuscript creation, it would be perfect to be able to imports refs into DevonThink with the key points that I have highlighted (originally blogged for other app combinations by Dr. T) available to me, rather than going back into Bookends and locating the information. This would create extraordinarily useful reference files.

Thanx for the question.


I’m told it’s possible.

If you’re told it’s possible, did this person also offer the script itself?

Happy to respond to that question via direct email rather than this blog.


I’d like to also opt for the behaviour you describe in item 2.: to keep the right sidebar closed at wish. In DT3 it opens with each search and have to be closed manually. I would like the inspector window to be opened and closed manually and not - unwanted - automatically.
The current auto-opening behaviour in DT3 is disrupting. I had hoped for a possibility to shut it off by now (beta3). I very much like my applications staying clean and simple while working and not forcing me for extra clicking or typing.

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I am also interested, why not discussing it here?

  • Syntax highlight (MMD, CSS, HTML, Applescript… MMD being the most important one. I am not sure if this feature is in some list of possible future improvements or completely out of question. In case it is still an option, then I leave my vote.)

  • The ability to follow wiki-links with a keyboard stroke.

  • Copy paragraph link on MD files (that is, the same as on txt files)

  1. Yeah, I know. But I was talking about the opportunity to take separate frames out of the main-DevonThink window and place at aside of the programme, maybe even on a separate monitor. I would prefer to arrange the document viewer on a separate monitor, while expanding the overview of my documents over a larger screen and maybe putting the sidebar aside. And the document window seems not to refresh, when I click another file. I always have to re-open the document window. Or am I getting something wrong here?

  2. For the sidebar: I am mainly working with intelligent groups or open databases, which are located further below than the favorites, I am not using that often. thats the reason why I was hoping for a personalized sidebar-setup.

  3. I am working mainly with OmniFocus to keep track of my daily work and other reminders, which are than connected to my calender-app. I would prefer a setup to mark a document, which is due on a specific date, so I can transfer that into my calender or OmniFocus on an easy way. And the new reminder function seems to allow to integrate scripts, but no reminder in my calender. So i have to script something for myself (if I could… :wink: )

Best and thanks.

  1. The majority of users have long asked for fewer and fewer windows, integrating them into a single window - what many call “modern” UI.
    • You can put a document window on another monitor if you like.
    • The view/edit pane not updating may be a beta symptom. Is it consistently reproducible?
  2. The request is noted but reorganizing the sidebars is unlikely to happen.
  3. I understand what you’re saying but the process doesn’t seem to logically follow.
    You create a Reminder to alert you at a specific date and time. If you used a script with a Reminder, it would add a reminder to OmniFocus when the alarm went off! That wouldn’t make sense since you’d be setting an alarm in OF at the time the Reminder in DT3 is activating.
    You should just select files you want to use with OmniFocus and use the Script > Reminders > Add as To Do in OmniFocus script.

Still looking for the ability to reduce thumbnail size in View as List/Widescreen/Thumbnails when viewing as a single column.

I noticed somewhere (in another view) that there was a slider bar to reduce image size - can it be replicated for thumbnails?

Maybe (indeed, quite likely) I’m missing something, but database-specific default views. So, database one always has the annotations pane in the inspector when first clicking into it, database two always opens with the general info inspector pane active, etc.

Could you please post a screenshot? Thanks!

Just installed beta4. Thanks for changing the inspector behaviour when performing a search to auto-close when auto-opened!

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Also, the ability to re-order tabs would be really good.

Customise Due Date. Format options to include yyyy-mm-dd. Same customisation for created added and modification dates. I prefix entries with yyyy-mm-dd and would like the consistency throughout.

User Default setting for Due Date. For example, I’d like to be able to set it at Once and know that each new entry would default to that, rather than have to manually select.