Was Abby FineReader update included in todays DT 3.8.4 update?

Just after updating DT to 3.8.4 on my first mac I briefly saw a progress window saying FineReader update was being downloaded. This did not appear on my second Mac when I updated that to DT 3.8.4.

I saw in another thread that one could copy ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink3/Abbyy/DTOCRHelper.app to a second computer in this situation, but both computers have version 1.1.18 dated 20 April 2022…so what was the update I saw on the first computer?

Thanks for any help.

This version of the OCR engine was released today too.

Thanks Christian, so the second Mac was updated by the DT 3.8.4 update even though I didn’t see any progress message (and even though I was looking for it!).