Was there an Abby FineReader update with todays DT 3.0.4 update?

On my iMac I saw a little box and progress bar at top left of screen showing an ABBY FineReader OCR update when I updated DT to 3.0.4. I only saw it for second or two and may not have exact name.

I didn’t see this on my MacBook. (it is possible that it did happen and I missed it)

The situation may be confused because on the iMac I have ABBY Finereader for ScanSnap installed, but I don’t on the MacBook. ABBY FineReader for ScanSnap is version 5.5 and was not updated recently.

Where would I check this? and what should I see?


It did this on my MBP too. So I imagine it was a part of the update process (I don’t have any other relationship with FineReader outside of DEVONthink).

Yes, there was an update to the OCR resources.

OK thanks. Since I didn’t see it happen on my Macbook, how can I check if it happened on that?

Just click on Install Add-Ons… and you can see if the latest Version of Abby FineReader is installed.

Yes I looked at that…the ABBY item was greyed out, saying “installed”. You’re implying that if it had not been updated it would not be greyed out? because the update was available? I clicked install anyway but nothing changed.

On my iMac the DTOCRPlugin.bundle in the DT3app>Package Contents>Plugins was modified today at 5.40 pm which is when I installed 3.0.4. But the same plugin on my MacBook was modified on 7th Dec 2019 which is when I installed 3.0.3. It is also a different file size. However the version number on both is 2.4.

Should I download and re-install 3.0.4? Or am concerned unduly?

I have downloaded and installed a fresh copy of 3.0.4 onto the MacBook.
When I opened “Install Add-ons” it showed there was an update for ABBYY FineReader OCR from 1.0.25 to 1.0.26. Installing that produced the same progress bar as I saw on the iMac earlier and has made the plugin info identical between the two Macs.

So seems something did go wrong with the initial update to 3.0.4 on the Macbook but all is well now.