Way to add text snippets from Windows

Is there any way to add small chunk of text (a basic note) if in WIndows?

Do you mean you want to create a note in Windows and have it appear in DEVONthink (on the Mac) ?

If so, no this is not directly possible.
You could use a cloud service that has a local directory on the Windows and Mac machines, e.g., Dropbox or OneDrive.
Indexing that local folder on the Mac would provide a mechanism that could feel like you’ve done what you seem to be asking.

And because I’m a broken record… Read the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing section - including the Indexing and the filesystem section before committing to indexing.

I will! No you’re not a broken record, simply an author and I am a reader perhaps lazy (!)
anyway: Dropbox allows only 3 devices, OneDrive is way too slow, perhaps GoogleDrive…! I will investigate


you do work ONLY in Mac all the time? :slight_smile:
never needed what I need?

Though you were not asking me – no, I never worke(d) on Windows. First Linux, now macOS, iPadOS etc. Wouldn’t touch W with a ten foot pole.

therefore the same question applies to Linux IMHO… any way to send a note from Linux to DT? minimising cut and paste steps…

I am comfortable in macOS and Windows but I rarely ever touch a Windows machine anymore.

just to be clear, I work 97% in Mac (from 1990) but… AFAIK there was a way to update Evernote via mail using a peculiar address; would that be inappropriate for DT?
Thanks again

Evernote passes your data through their servers to achieve this. We don’t offer cloud storage or services to create a similar mechanism.

There are some ways to achieve this in DEVONthink via Apple Mail Rules, but it’s not the same method.