way to sync files IN the database back to INDEXED folders?

I have a couple folders indexed in a DT database. If I import something and file it, is there a way to get this change synced with the filesystem as well? Is there a way to do this automagically? This way, I can have the best of both worlds, as changing files already imported in DT using an external editor does not work.

Essentially, my problem is that if I import a Pages file, open that imported file using DevonThink’s “open with external editor” mechanism, change it, and save it, the changes are saved and reflected in the document the next time I open it.

However, with filetypes DevonThink can read, this is not the case, and as such, is perplexing. Doc, RTF, and text files, when opened in an external editor, do not reflect the changes made to them within that editor once that file is saved and reopened using DevonThink.

Also, when are DOC files not going to be automatically destroyed by importation?

In DEVONthink version 1.x databases certain file types are stored in the “monolithic” database file, e.g., plain and rich text, HTML, and WebArchive file types. Think of these documents as existing in a database “soup” that’s not readable by the Finder. So if one of these file types is opened under an external application for editing, the “Save” command does not result in a permanent record of the changes in the Finder, and changes are not made to the database. (I’m speaking of Import-captured files text files, or files created within the database, e.g. rich text notes created by the user, or Import-captured Word documents, or an HTML page captured from the Web.)

Other file types are actually stored in the Finder, in the Files folder inside the database package file, e.g., PDF, image, Quicktime media and “unknown” file types. These file types can be opened under another application, edited and saved, and changes are made to the database content. So I can open a PDF file under Preview or Acrobat, annotate it, use the Save command and the changes will become visible in the database (although it may be necessary to use the File > Synchronize command).

So the distinction isn’t whether a file type can be “read” but how that file type is stored in the database.

Word .doc files are not “destroyed” when Import-captured. Rather, the ability of OS X to capture the text content of Word files is used to create a rich text document in the database corresponding to the text content of the Word file, and a link is established to the Word file in the Finder.

There will be major changes to the database structure of the DEVONthink 2.0 applications; all documents will be stored as Finder files.

Howdy neighbor! Any timetable on when to expect a 2.0 release? Any way I could beta test? :slight_smile:

Not yet. But next time you are in Brown County look me up and we can have a cup of coffee. :slight_smile: