Web-archive always opens print dialog?

when i try to review or open such files, it always ask me to print? and now i cant include linke for now…

pls any help is appreciated.

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this is the website link:Tip on how to create keyboard shortcut to a file's information tab? - #7 by BLUEFROG

this is the recording of the issue:

Welcome @vincennt
From what site are you having this issue?

it’s from a post of this community.

i cant include any link in my post, how can i post links here?

I saw thé same behavior. Discourse includes a JavaScript snippet that seems to execute automatigally in that case.

thanks for reply.
did you find any fix for this?
i plan to heavily use the webarchive format, but this is discouraging. .

How did you create the web archive?

i mean to save web pages as web archive format.

this is the website link:Tip on how to create keyboard shortcut to a file's information tab? - #7 by BLUEFROG

this is the recording of the issue:

hi pls see the updated post with the video links.

Just now, with DEVONthink 3.9.6, macOS 13.6.7, saving as a web archive the link:

Not seeing the problem here.

but it’s here

No, and I don’t care. I don’t think that it’s about the format but rather this particular site. I usually save only bookmarks from the web.

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I do not disbelieve you. But something different on your computer setup than here. Something. Getting to the root of that seems the first priority. That is why I quoted version numbers. And, further information–I rebooted a few days ago and did this test with macOS Safari.

Intriguing. I use DT 3.9.6 on macOS 14.5. When I clip from Firefox to DT as a web archive and then open the archive in DT, I get the print dialog. The same thing happens when I clip from Chrome and Safari.

In addition, the saved archive looks very different from the original site:

Looking at the HTML source (the clipped one), I see this:

and the script code is


which explains the behavior: As soon as the document finished loading, the script runs and calls the window.print() method. Which consequently opens the print dialog.

This script does not seem (!) to be present in the original discourse page. I have no idea why it would be in the web archive but not in the original. Perhaps @cgrunenberg knows.

cause sometimes i made some edits on the page, so web archive would be haleful.

im using basically the same setup with you, but clipped from chrome. but i do have to say this issue is not very consistent, just more often than it should be.

In case of our forum DEVONthink clips the print layout which is less bloated. However, the latest Discourse updates changed the print handling and the next release of DEVONthink will strip this again.


That explains why the web archive/formatted note/HTML look so different. Thanks.

very enlightening. though i have zero knowledge on codes, but this means this issue is specific to this site right? i tested on a few other sites, it matches this conclusion.

Yes. Unless other sites go down a similar path.