Web Archive creates duplicate

In DA I captured a page as a web archive to DTP. No problem until I went back to the web site and captured a second page for a different person. When that one appeared both were highlighted in blue as duplicate files.

They are both from the same URL but are for different persons in my genealogy database. I tried renaming them using the individual names rather than the URL but they still show up in blue.

I cannot alter the URL itself because that will destroy my source reference so if that works, it is not a solution I could work with. How do I keep these from showing up as duplicates?

Is the display of the two web archives identical?

By display I assume you mean the content of the page. Most of it is the same; however, the name of the individual is different as well as any dates (such as death) and other information such as the state and residence at time of death.

Here is the url that brings up the search page in DA if that is helpful:

familysearch.org/Eng/Search/ … _form=true

On this page I entered a Social Security number such as:

284-44-9214 which brings up Minnie Wolf death record and
290-01-0501 which brings up Theodore Wolf record.

Click on the name which comes up and then capture the page that comes up as a web archive in DTP. When I do the second one is when they show up as a duplicate.

The pages have the same source (a frame set) and are therefore marked as duplicates. This will be improved in a future release.