Web-archive without ADs

I’m expecting some troubles while saving pages as Web-archive. From desktop or mobile no matter.
I use 1Blocker and its “Firewall” feature on mobile, which blocks AD from localhost While I’m on that - no AD’s, while I turn it off, I suppose I got only my saved local file from DEVONThink2go, but all of AD is present. What kind of Web-archive saved with all the AD’s and immediately I open the file it goes online and downloads all this AD?
Maybe I am wrong and Web-archive files must contain AD and I need to use a blocker every time I want to achieve my files?

Do you mean that 1Blocker prevents advertisements to be delivered to your browser on your mobile device?
And then you save the web document (while 1Blocker is turned on) to a webarchive. Which, when you open it in DTTG or DT or somewhere else (this part is actually not clear at all), displays the advertisements that were not visible before in the browser?

Now, given that a webarchive is basically a copy of the HTML, what would you expect to happen? 1Blocker and similar software prevents the browser from downloading and displaying advertisements (and presumably other stuff). It does not remove the links to it from the HTML document. So you make a copy of the HTML with all the links and then you look at the HTML – which, trustfully, displays everything in the HTML, including advertisements. This is, I believe, expected behavior (since the term “archive”).

If you do not want to have all this garbage, use a clutter free alternative (MD or some such). I’m afraid that you can’t have it both ways: a trustworthy archive and exclusion of content that you do not want to see.


No matter, I saved pages with the desktop version of DEVONThink, or mobile, DEVONThink2Go, with turned AD-blocker - or it is turned off - all pages in the app have an advertisement.
I tried a new app, Time Capsule is saved HTML-only WEB pages, and no matter, I saved them with AD-blocker turned ON or OFF - pages have no AD.
Every time I open Web-archive inside the DEVONThink2Go app, it re-download fresh, new AD from the Internet.
So my main question is: can I save AD-free pages to Web-archive to DEVONThink2Go or DEVNThink and how can I do that?

And I explained why that is the case.

I tried to explain already why you probably can’t. What you want to achieve is self-contradictory: a webarchive is meant to store the website as it is. That includes all links, also those to ads.

and they do not include ads? That seems a bit weird, and goes against their own marketing blurb: " Save the entire web page." is what they promise. Which would include all links, in my opinion. Also, they require you to have a account with them – to save a webarchive? That smells fishy.
But suit yourself: If this app does what you want, you should absolutely use it.

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