Web Archives have no thumbnail?

First off–I checked–I do indeed have the box ticked for creating thumbnails for web archives.

I just created a whole bunch of web archives in DT, and none of them have thumbnails. I really need to those images, because it’ll help be figure out which ones failed to capture the whole document (this happens more often than you’d think) and I don’t want to have to quick look 1000+ web archives.

The only possible lead is I used this script to import them:

Is there any reason using a script would prevent thumbnails from being created? Can I fix that (i.e. get the thumbnails to work at the import?) I have used other scripts before to import web archives…and they had thumbnails.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Which version of Mac OS X do you use?

This happened under Lion. And was with version 2.2.

On 2.2.1 it’s worse. The Web Archive generic thumbnail is suddenly pixelated in Icon View.

Hi Christian,

I’m trying a workaround by re-downloading them as paginated PDFs instead. The problem is, I can’t seem to modify your script, “Convert URLs to PDF Documents” so that the tags are also transferred!

This is important, because I have over 1000 documents. I did manage, earlier, to modify a script for creating Web Archives:


Any help you can give me? It would be much appreciated…

adro, be aware that PDFs created under the “dot zero” release of Lion will probably not retain some or any links from the captured Web pages. That could be a much more serious problem than thumbnails.

Hey Bill, thanks! I’ll wait then. It’s only semi-urgent because the internet is constantly changing…some are NYT articles…luckily I can still access them. But considering how no one was expecting a paywall two years ago, who knows what obstacles will come next!

This script doesn’t create thumbnails as it’s probably based on some older scripts for DEVONthink Pro 1.x. However, you should be able to create the thumbnails afterwards via Data > Thumbnail > Create.

These scripts use probably the new “create web document” command, see for example Scripts > More Scripts > Convert URLs to web documents.

Thanks very much! Sorry I hadn’t noticed that earlier.