Web-based pdfs not loading

It displays PDFS as docs fine. But not PDFs-via-the-web, ie loaded through the browser.

If I click on the URL I get this, instead of the pdf:

It never used to do this. I’ve installed PDF services, so I can’t think what is causing it. PDFs themselves load and read fine.

Which URL is this happening with?

All of them.

  • What URL?
  • What operating system?

Operating system is Mac. It happens with any URL that points to a PDF.

Hm. I suppose @BLUEFROG was asking for the version number given that DT does not run on anything but Macs.

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This might be an incomplete installation of the Adobe plug-in, a deinstallation is recommended anyway as it’s not compatible to WebKit applications and might crash DEVONthink.

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