Web Clipper does not work with subscription sites

I’ve tried the web clipper with a site that I pay a subscription to and it does not work. It only clips the content visible to non-subscribers. I’m logged in both with Safari and DTPO.

Any idea on how to clip pages from subscription sites?

Have you tried using the Share sheet rather than the clipper? It seems to operate a little differently (as in it doesn’t generate the “Do you want to allow Safari to open …” message), so maybe it’ll help

The most reliable approaches are to either print a PDF document to DEVONthink, to save the web page as a web archive to the inbox folder or to take a plain/rich note (see Services menu). All approaches retain the title & URL of course.

I’ve found the best option is to save to Instapaper and then clip with Devonthink from Instapaper. PDF’s created from Safari are not the best.

Another option for subscription sites that I’ve used in the past (if my memory serves me well), is the following:

  1. Clip the link to DT (instead of a PDF). One easy way to do this is to copy the url from your browser and hit Cmd+N in DT.

  2. Click the newly created link in DT, and once the page has loaded, log in with your account.

  3. Finally, still in the DT browser, click the little gear next to the url and hit capture. That should generate a PDF of the page after log-in.

The capture of single page PDFs is one of my favourite features of DT! Never knew I’d use it this much.

I agree with this, and also suggest considering putting the article into browser “reader” mode and then print to PDF to DEVONthink. I use a simple Keyboard Maestro macro that automates this process end to end and avoids all print dialogs.

Also, if your subscription site includes a print option, then use that – e.g., for NYbooks.com – since the formatting is normally optimally configured, then, by the site owner.