Web Clipper no longer works prozessing RTF Files from Safari (DT3 3.8.3)

Sorry, but I can’t clip Safari pages as RTF files since version 3.8.3. All other file formats work as far as I can check.

The URL and a screenshot of the used clipping settings would be useful. In addition, does a reboot fix this?

URL (Example): Ende des „byzantinischen“ Modells?

It doesn’t work (even after RESTART of the Mac) neither with “Aufgeräumt” checked.
But every other option (pdf, webarchive, txt) is working.

Same here. I use the “Clip to DEVONthink” with RTF and no error, appears to work, but nothing into DEVONthink (unless buried). Looking at the “Today” group and in the target group. MD works. Didn’t try others.

Thanks! The next release will fix this issue in case of web pages not having any HTML keywords. In the meantime one workaround is to use the Take Rich Note service which also captures the URL.

@rho : this will not work in Firefox as the selection is reported differently. You can use Safari.

Thank you!