Web Clipper & Windows access


It’s been six months since I ended a 5-year dependence on Evernote and switched to DTPO. For the most past it’s been a very good experience. In particular, I find the sync performance with my home WebDAV server excellent and the iOS client is top-notch. The macOS interface is dated but that doesn’t prevent work to be done.

Two things have keep annoying me, though:

  1. Is there some of access the encrypted in my home WebDAV server from a Windows machine? Is it a planned feature? Because right now the only way to access the data is to remember leaving one of my Macs running DT and configure port forwarding for that machine. When I say “access”, even just a searchless plain view of downloadable documents would be fine.

  2. I find the Web Clipper, at least on Firefox, to be much less robust than the “Simplified Article” option of Evernote’s Web Clipper. For every site I need to clip a page from, depending on how it serves HTML documents, I always have to try “Formatted Note”, “Web Archive”, “Rich Text” (both clutter-free and not, for all options) before I get a document which looks approximately like I would expect. Also, the iOS clipper is behaving differently, with different options and different results. This is one area of DTPO where there is much improvement to be had IMHO.

Thanks a lot.

  1. Sorry, but no there are no plans to support Windows.
  2. iOS ≠ macOS. Feature parity is desirable but not always easily attainable or possible.

There is no “clipping standard”. These things are developed independently and with their own solutions. Though our extension works in many instances, we have it on our list to enhance in the future. Thanks for your patience and understanding. (Also, note that, last I looked, Evernote had 300+ employees and many millions of dollars in funding. We are a small development house, completely self-contained and funded through our sales alone. And at one point, I heard rumor (though I didn’t try and substantiate it) they had at least 40 people working solely on the clipping extension technology.)

Thank you for your reply. I understand your point perfectly, and your support and quick feedback is very much appreciated.

You’re welcome. And always remember that we are hard at work in here. Clipping webpages is a moving target nowadays, but it’s not something we’ve given up on making it better. Cheers!