Web Clipping PDF files confusing (and buggy?)

First of all, I did try to send un bug report via email to dedicated inbox but unfortunately, your hosting provider seems to have a routing misconfiguration between their infrastructure and Level3. My SMTP IP address won’t get through after Level3 node. I’ve tweeted some info to them: https://twitter.com/YRousse/status/902309610337521664
As I’m not expecting any quick miracle on the matter, I’m posting on the Forum. Sorry about that.

Back to DEVONthink and copy/pasting my email:

Running DEVONthink Pro 2.9.15 on macOS Sierra 10.12.6…
Using either Safari 10.1.2 or Chrome 60.0.3112.101 with your “Clip to DEVONthink” extension.

By default, I use to web clip with Web Archive format and clutter-free layout selected and relaying on Automatic title.

I see as a bug the following behavior:
Web clipping any URL pointing directly to a PDF file (and fully rendered in the browser) will give me a stored “Web Archive” item with sometimes the source web server FQDN as Title and one line with the FQDN as link in blank HTML document.
You can reproduce this behavior with the following URL for example:
To grab the PDF file and have it stored as a PDF+text item with proper (or close…) automatic title, I have to unselect the clutter-free layout option.

It seems to me web clipping any direct link to a PDF file should always give a PDF+text item whatever the clutter-free choice (and any Format choice I guess).
I would like to suggest the following : DTTG 2.2.1 has the proper simplified choice when it comes to clip a PDF file: Only Bookmark and Capture PDF are shown. Simple and relevant.


That is correct, or you could use the PDF option instead of Web Archive.

Ok but I guess I’m still missing something here…
I don’t see why, from user perspective, Web Clipping with clutter-free layout selected should fail in retrieving a content with well-known format as pinpointed by a direct url. (example.org/file.pdf) and… messing with item title.
Even more confusing when considering Web Clipping with “Web Archive without clutter-free” will succeed.
In short, clutter-free option shouldn’t have any impact here.

(ok for the PDF option of course. Again, my previous remark regarding DTTG behavior on the matter remains relevant to me)

I guess I’m engaging in User Experience considerations here. Different ways to shade light on one problem. :slight_smile: