web content filter?

Any chance DT could be modified to use PithHelmet, the Safari web content filter plugin?

I’ve just tried to adapt PithHelmet by modifying the info.plist file of the bundle but this does not work (and you get an error panel after launching DT). Seems to be a Safari hack and not to be a WebKit extension.

Darn.  Thanks for trying!

Content filtering for both DT and DA would be a great addition so hopefully you’ll consider it for the future.

We’re considering every suggestion :slight_smile: But currently translation of pages or bookmark management have a higher priority (both will probably come in v1.3). Or a revised "Similar Pages" filter which groups similar pages instead of filtering them.

That’s helpful to know.  I sure appreciate how openly you discuss possible upcoming features in general… thanks!

Last night I was chatting with PithHelmet’s developer about that.  Here’s what he had to say:

So that leaves a possibility open for integrating PithHelmet with DEVON{agent,think} at some point.

As an alternative I’ve recently been is using a custom CSS file in DT Pro, as described in:

Ad Blocking in Safari (& Camino, Firebird, etc.) Using CSS

Seems pretty effective without any modification for sites I view in DT tho’ eventually something more easily customizable, like an integrated PithHelmet-based solution, would be preferably.