Web-DAV, Sync error, Log File: "1 noch hochzuladende Objekte"

Hi there,

since a few day I am facing the above error message on one of my Macs.
Does anybody have an idea how to identify the critical file, thus I can get rid of this message.
MacOS 12.3. DT 3.8.3

There have been several reports about that in the last days. Did you see those?

Same here

Same error message here.
About every minute, there is appearing another entry in the log window.
I am using iCloud Sync and the reference ist “iCloud (CloudKit)”.

I assume, that the other report were stating the englisch error message.
This is always a challenge with localisation of software, that commands and menus need tp be guessed.

@ chrillek please let us know, how the other reports are named. Is there already a solution?

Well, since the OP posted in the international group I thought they’d read there, too.
Anyway, there’s



Revealed by searching for “pending”. I guess, searching for “uploading” would have given similar results.