Web interface security in v2.5

How safe is it to use the web server functionality in DEVONthink without setting a password in Preferences > Server, if the sharing is only intended over the LAN?

It is as secure as your LAN. WIthout a password, anyone with access to your LAN and the server address has access to the server. In 2.5 there is also the possibility of putting a password on databases in addition to the server password.

Thanks Korm. The reason for asking is that I am finding that if I don’t set a password I can connect instantly to the web server from the iPad over my wifi LAN. However when I set a password in Preferences > Server (with none set for the database) then I find it impossible to connect with Mobile Safari on the iPad. The progress circle either spins endlessly, or occasionally I am offered the user/password dialogue but it then doesn’t accept the password that I set under Preferences > Server. So my default is no password. The LAN is WPA2 secured so I guess it is safe enough.

@khw, got it – thanks. You might want to report a DTTG but at helpdesk.devontechnologies.com. In the meanwhile, have you tried a different browser than Safari on iOS – iCab, or Dolphin, etc.?

Thanks for the suggestion Korm. I hadn’t thought of trying a different browser. With Dolphin, and with a password set in Preferences > Server, the user/password dialogue keeps popping up repeatedly and I have to re-enter the details. But bizarrely, in between it popping up, the web server is doing its work and eventually presents the web interface, after which time the password dialogue stops popping up. I’ll file a report. Thanks again.