Web pages no longer scroll

Web pages rendered within DT Pro are no longer reliably scrolling down when they display. The MagicMouse’s single-finger gesture does nothing on these pages. It appears that this is happening with 1/3 to 1/2 of the pages that are accessed. This has started just recently, perhaps the last four to seven days.

Sounds similar to this issue:

Scrolling doesn’t work with some web archives

Maybe the underlying cause is the same in both cases.

My problem, though, is with live web pages, not web archive files.

AFAIK they’re both using the same rendering code. A much closer comparison than live web pages with PDF documents, for example.

I am having just this problem — frequently, but seemingly randomly. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the type of page or content. Just resolutely refuses to scroll — until you close the tab and open it again, after which it usually works. Frustrating!

I’ve seen random UI responsiveness issues in DEVONthink in recent releases – things that do not scroll, text that cannot be selected – but nothing persistent and that doesn’t go away when I switch the focus to another app, then back to DEVONthink. Or quit, and reopen.

@acoyne: Let’s watch the cross-posting, please.