Web preferences -- Cookies

:angry: OK. So I just discovered that changing the cookie preferences in DT also affects Safari 5. OmniWeb isn’t affected.

The only place where I can find ANY documentation regarding this rather annoying behavior is in DT’s web preference pane. Right below the “Delete cookies on Quit” checkbox option is displayed “Warning: This deletes the cookies of all Webkit applications.”

That’s great! But changing ANY of the “Accept Cookies” options results in the Safari (and apparentely other Webkit apps) preferences reflecting the same.

The converse is also true: changing Safari’s cookie settings also reflects in DT.

Where is this documented? And, why does this behaviour need to occur?

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DT’s Cookie Policy vs. My Sanity

… found with a webkit cookie* search.

Thanks for the link – appropriately titled, too.

Searching for “web preferences” or “cookies” didn’t help me when I was searching the forums.

Still doesn’t change the need for documenting in plain sight. :bulb:

Much about Dtech products is only “documented” on the forum. I’ve suggested it would be useful if more recurring forum topics were covered in the FAQs since that’s a more organized reference but it’s still relatively sparse.

This is still an annoying issue, I use Cookie to delete my cookies every 10 minutes and keep some cookies from trusted “friendly” sites. It took me almost a week to find that Devonthink was deleting my Safari cookies as well. As I configured the DTP prefs I did not want DTP to keep ccokies, but did not see the greyed out “Warning: this deletes the cookies in all WebKit applications”

So after each daily restart I found myself with all my “friendly” cookies gone.
As this happened since the installation of DTP I have found this pref setting.

But how can I delete my cookies form DTP without loosing my “friendly” cookies in Safari ?