Web server access to Markdown documents

Is there any technical reason why Markdown documents in Devonthink do not seem to be available via the web server? The title is transmitted but it is greyed out. Sending the marked-up text version should not be a problem, and that is how Markdown documents sync to DTTG, but given that the web server happily transmits formatted and html notes, why can it not send it as a Markdown-formatted document?

Over here (in DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7.4 on OS X 10.9.2) all of .markdown, .md, or .mmd documents appear as rendered (not raw source) in DEVONthink’s server.

That’s bizarre. I am on the same versions of DTPO and OS X as you. I am also on iOS 7.1 - I guess I didn’t say that I am seeing the problem on an iPad Air, opening the web server in mobile Safari. Could that be the difference? I have looked at other possibilities e.g. I set a hidden preference to show Markdown documents as rendered in DTPO, but changing that back made no difference.

Works OK over here on iOS 7.1 on an iPad Air.

In the Server – what do you see in the “Kind” column for these documents?

BTW – I assume you’re aware that DEVONthink’s rendering of Markdown is, let’s say, not “robust”. Some nuances like tables are lost.

I see a nice Markdown icon on the the extreme left with a grey document title next to it. The icon is identical to the one displayed in DTPO itself. The Markdown files themselves are pretty simple - a few lists, headings, the odd link. The markup used varies across the documents but they are all greyed out. All other types can be viewed without a problem - even rftd files.

I have just done a simple test: created a plain text file in DTPO with some simple mark-up. It appears in the Server without a problem. I add .md to the name in DTPO, the kind changes to Markdown, and it is greyed out in the Server.

If the extension is .markdown or .mmd? What then?

The same with .markdown. I didn’t have anything with a .mmd extension, so I created a text file with a .mmd extension and that generated another oddity. The file with .mmd extension shows as kind=markdown in DTPO but its icon is a plain text one, whereas the .markdown and .md files have the markdown icon. That notwithstanding, it also appears in the Server greyed out.

The icon situation will be an easy fix. Reveal the .mmd document in the Finder, show the info for document, and set the ‘Open with’ option to the same application that is set for your .md and .markdown documents. Click on the ‘Change All…’ button to apply the change to all .md documents.

Thanks Greg, but there is something very odd about the handling of that .mmd extension. I create a simple markdown file in Multimarkdown Composer and save it to the desktop with a .mmd extension. I drag it into DTPO and see that it has the text icon in DTPO but with kind=markdown. Yet a Show in Finder as you suggest reveals it to have a markdown icon in Finder! Get Info confirms that the default application to open it is Multimarkdown Composer, and Open With in DTPO has that as the default as well. The other extensions .md and .markdown behave as expected.

It’s very possible the problem lies outside of DEVONthink. It might be useful to rebuild Launch Services, then boot into the Recovery HD and repairing permissions with Disk Utility.

Could you please send some examples (both working and not working) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!