web server beta in DTPO 2.4.3

A few weeks (maybe a month) ago, I tried out beta 2 of the new web server. I had some small issues with it, in part related to my particular uses of the web server, but it generally worked fine. I especially liked the new functionality added to the “browse” or “desktop” view. Then I had to work on other things for a few weeks, so didn’t do much with DTPO until last Thursday.

Now the “browse” view in the new web server doesn’t work properly. Running DTPO 2.4.3 on both a Mountain Lion machine and a Snow Leopard machine, with both a large working database and a small test database, and accessing the web server using both Chrome and Safari, the “browse” view shows the loading / black-and-white pinwheel indefinitely, and never actually displays the files in the database. Beta 1 behaves the same way.

In light of the various combinations I’ve tried, it seems like the problem is with either 2.4.3 or my particular network. Is anyone else having trouble with the web server beta since 2.4.3?

I’m glad to hear I’m not alone - experiencing the same issue with DTPO 2.4.3 on OS X 10.8.2. As you say, the strange thing is that this setup WAS working fine…

Beta 3 of the web server, released yesterday, no longer has this problem with Safari. With Chrome, the desktop view doesn’t seem to load at all.

Works fine over here with Chrome 23.0.1271.64 (10.8.2 and DTPO 2.4.3). Did you quit DEVONthink before installing the WebServer.bundle?

I did, and Chrome as well. But a reboot of the computer seems to have done the trick. Glad this is working again!