Web server re-login redirection would be best if it returned to the item

One of the more helpful features in the most recent release (for me at least) was that the DEVONthink web server now redirects to the login page if my authorization has timed out. That’s far more helpful than the way it used to behave, so thanks for that!

But of course the even handier option would be for it to redirect to the login screen with the appropriate return URL of the item I had selected. So for example, if I left a browser tab open to a particular article and went to click on another article only to find myself redirected to the login, it would be great if after login it could take me back to that article I clicked.

The most inconvenient thing about the web server (to me at least) is how it remembers absolutely nothing from one login to the next. Depending on the browser, all your databases/groups/tags/whatever may be expanded or not. So every single timeout forces me to rearrange everything and then drill down yet again to the thing I actually want. Anything to minimize that would be very helpful. Thanks for considering the suggestion!

Thanks for the feedback, we will certainly look at this for a future update.

Much obliged! It would be very helpful and presumably simple to do as you must have the ID/details of the item clicked and could pass those as variables into the authentication process easily enough. Sorry, I’m being a web developer again :slight_smile: