Web server search results missing items

I keep having issues with searching in a web browser connected to the DT3 web server. It doesn’t return the same list of items that I get when searching in DT3 on macOS. And to be clear, I know the database in which the item I’m seeking is available online as my search finds plenty of other items that match in that database, just not the ones that are missing (all markdown format items if that’s relevant).

I found a much older forum post (from 2007 I think) that sounded similar but referred to search options I find neither in the web server configuration page nor in the web interface. Can somebody help me figure out how to get the web server search working as the search in the application does?

A screen capture of the search in DEVONthink and web sharing would be helpful.

Aha! I think I found my problem while working on the request screenshots! I did not realize that the web version shows a paltry ten results and requires me to click something to show more. Is there any chance that could get bumped up to something a little more useful? Like maybe show the first 100 or something? As it is, to show all 24 results for the term I’m searching, I have to do the search and click the button to show more twice. That seems rather excessive to me for a mere 24 items, yes?

I have increased the number of records that the web sharing app will download when using the search results. This will be available in the next update.

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Nice! Thanks! In the meantime, I’ll keep clicking the little doohickey, now that I know it’s there.