Web to PDF Import differences

There are three different styles of PDF importing I’ve found in DevonThink. The names and output are ambiguous.

  • The “PDF” bookmarklet available from devon-technologies.com/download/extras.html captures the website with all background and formatting as a sort of WYSIWYG clipping similar to LittleSnapper. This only seems to work from a web browser.
  • The “Add PDF Document to DevonThink” Applescript added by the DevonThink application creates a similar looking output, however with many formatting mistakes such as a missing background image.
  • The “PDF” Import button from the DevonThink Toolbar creates a PDF based on what the page would look like printed. This often reformats content and/or drops information defined by the website’s print layout. This is also accessible from the “PDF (paginated)” bookmarklet

I’d like to see the “PDF” bookmarklet’s WYSIWYG style be accessible from Applescript such that I could script a folder in Finder or a group in DevonThink to act on bookmarks I drop into it.

V2.0.2 will fix issues related to “web PDFs” and the layout of PDF documents created by bookmarklets or scripts should then be (almost) identical.

Thanks, I submitted a ticket to the support email address and got about the same answer.

I look forward to the updates since DevonThink’s PDF import is already faster and fewer steps than LittleSnapper’s.

Keep up the good work!

Must have been my answer then :wink:

Just as a side note, I think it’s funny how when I joined this forum, I was very cross with the way that DT worked, but as I’ve fought it and fought the way I was using it, I’ve got to say that more and more I’m loving this app and becoming one of it’s vocal advocates.